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We Need To Stand Together And Fight Injustice

Story written by Kimberly Karol, President of Iowa Postal Workers Union

United We Stand, Divided We Fall... for so many people these words have lost their true meaning, a call to action to shift power in the pursuit of justice. How many times have you heard someone say, "too bad there isn't something I can do about this..."? Maybe you have felt this way. That is by design, the corporate class has systematically been reprogramming the thinking of ordinary people to maintain their power and capitalize on our labors. Now more than ever we need to stand together and fight injustice. Ordinary people have the power of numbers, an army that can force change at any level of government if we are united in our mission. We are virtually unstoppable. 

Sadly, Postal workers are divided at the very time they need to stand together to fight against devasting changes proposed by Postmaster DeJoy and the corporate cronies on the Board of Governors that gave their blessings to his plan before President Biden could fill the vacant seats. I don not believe this was an accident, but rather a well-executed plan to advance an agenda that will further divide Americans. The Delivering for America Plan calls for a change in 1st Class Mail Service standards that would allow 5 days or more for delivery, slowing down the mail. In addition, the mailing network would be consolidated shrinking our processing network. Worst of all the plan calls for the privatization of the "middle mile" where private compaines would run Surface Transfer Centers that would distribute, consolidate, and transport mail. We are now seeing just how terrible the service is using this plan. Today I tracked a Priority Mail piece that was mailed on May 3 in my office, and after being dispatched diappeared until May 22 when it resurfaced in Memphis, TN on a journey for delivery in las Veags, NV. I'll bet you are seeing the same type of disappearing act with your customers packages. Under DeJoy's plan this is the future of service. I think anyone reading this article understands that slowing down our ability to provide service while at the same time proposing to raise rates by nearly 150% is not conducive to maintaining and growing customer loyalty, quite the opposite. Yet there is no unity at the National level of union leadership to stop these terrible policies from being implemented. How important is 6-7 day delivery when the packages you are bringing to customers are 20 days old. When mail processing plants are consolidated are you ready to move nearly 600 miles away to keep your job? How long do you think we will continue to maintain our customers when we are no longer able to provide prompt and affordable services? We need to fight these extremely dangerous provisions of the plan to protect our customers and maintain service in the communities we serve.


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Now It Is Easier to File FECA COVID Claims

The recently signed American Rescue Plan of 2021 makes it easier to file Federal Employee Compensation Act (FECA) claims for COVID-19. The Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP) wants federal and postal employees to know that anyone who is a “covered employee” can file a COVID-19 claim. 

A covered employee is someone whose job requires contact with the public or co-workers. If you qualify and are diagnosed with COVID-19, you qualify for FECA coverage. Even if you had COVID in the past, OWCP is encouraging postal workers to file a claim now in case you need covered care in the future. 

See the flyer below for information on who qualifies and how employees can register in Employees' Compensation Operations and Management Portal (ECOMP) and file a claim. 

The APWU will be working with OWCP on more way to educate postal workers about filing FECA claims for COVID.  In the meantime, please circulate the attached flyer as broadly as possible. 



If you have any questions, contact OWCP directly through the ECOMP portal. 

PSEs to See Pay Raise

On Saturday, May 22, 2021, Postal Support Employees (PSEs) will receive a pay increase of 20 cents per hour. The additional pay will be reflected in pay checks dated June 11, 2021. The new hourly rates for PSEs can be found here. This is will be the fifth and final pay increase PSEs will receive under the 2018-2021 National Agreement. The five pay increases the PSEs receive included three general increases of 2.3%, 2.1%, 2.0%, and two additional increases of 20 cents each (PSEs do not receive COLA). Overall, a Level 6 PSE received a total of $2.07 per hour during the current contract. Any future pay increases will be based on the next contract. Contract negotiations are set to begin on June 22, 2021.


On June 1, APWU members will gather on a Livestream with President Dimondstein.

This is your chance to get updates on postal workers’ campaign to restore speedy mail service and stop management’s attempt to permanently delay the mail. We will discuss management’s plans for plant closures and consolidations. And we’ll address the new bipartisan legislation that will finally get rid of the unfair prefunding mandate that has drained USPS finances.

We will also let you know how you can get involved in our fight for a fair contract. Because our strength at the bargaining table comes from our members standing together and mobilizing. To get a Good Contract Now, we need you to make it happen.

Together with answers for your questions, the June 1 live is a key opportunity for you find out what is going on and to get involved.


The American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO invites union members to join them for a live Zoom Town Hall on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.


Join the APWU Contract ZOOM Town Hall, with President Mark Dimondstein and other National Negotiations Committee members

We will discuss contract negotiation preparations and actions you can take to fight for better working conditions & a better standard of living for APWU members and families.

To participate in the call, register online by 8 a.m. Eastern Time, Tuesday, June 15.


Workers' Memorial Day



On Workers' Memorial Day, we come together as union members to make our post offices and facilities safer workplaces. Here's what you can do:

  •  Know your rights! You have the right to a safe workplace. "It is the responsibility of management to provide safe working conditions in all present and future installations and to develop a safe workforce."
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 14: Safety and Health. Know how to report a hazard or dangerous condition or practice by using PS Form 1767. Remember your manager has a duty to provide a copy of PS Form 1767 to anyone who requests one. If there are no forms available or if you face any retaliation or pressure from your manager, speak to your Union Steward about a possible grievance. 
  • As you look around your workplace, ask yourself, "Is there something here that can hurt you or make you sick?" There are soem examples of hazards in Safety Factsheet #3 on the National APWU website.
  • If your manager is not providing a copy of the form, you can download a copy of PS Form 1767 at Remember just because APWU National has a copy of the form online, it doesn't let your manager off the hook for not keeping a copy in the office. You can also get a copy of the form by texting "Safety" to 91990.

Union Label & Service Trades Dept, AFL-CIO

Cover of the Jan/Feb 2021 Newsletter....


Please see attached document.



New Mystery Contract Now in Full Effect

Article written by Maintenance Craft Director, Jim Cook


Maybe, just maybe management will give us a copy of the new mystery agreement they have.  Apparently they are conducting operations from a bargaining agreement that none of us has ever seen.
In maintenance, in the past two months, management has taken the unilateral action of forcing people out of their bid, throwing them off onto another tour, or different N/S days, or making them Area Maintenance Technicians, all without posting anything for bid.
This is one sweet contract that management got.  I wonder who negotiated this thing?  What power they have now!  Hey I have an idea… Since they can now take the unilateral action and just put anyone wherever they want, whether they like it or not, why don’t we just go ahead and scrap the entire bidding process?  
I mean, since we are not using it in accordance with the JCIM page 274, where it says The order for filling vacant maintenance positions is through the appropriate PAR and PER, which MUST be exhausted before considering other options. 
It sure would make life easier.  Just think, you don’t have to concern yourself with seniority or N/S days, Bid Sheets, or anything of the sort.  No Siree.  You just come to work, grovel up to your vastly superior supervisor, and beg like a dog.
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