New Mystery Contract Now in Full Effect

Article written by Maintenance Craft Director, Jim Cook


Maybe, just maybe management will give us a copy of the new mystery agreement they have.  Apparently they are conducting operations from a bargaining agreement that none of us has ever seen.
In maintenance, in the past two months, management has taken the unilateral action of forcing people out of their bid, throwing them off onto another tour, or different N/S days, or making them Area Maintenance Technicians, all without posting anything for bid.
This is one sweet contract that management got.  I wonder who negotiated this thing?  What power they have now!  Hey I have an idea… Since they can now take the unilateral action and just put anyone wherever they want, whether they like it or not, why don’t we just go ahead and scrap the entire bidding process?  
I mean, since we are not using it in accordance with the JCIM page 274, where it says The order for filling vacant maintenance positions is through the appropriate PAR and PER, which MUST be exhausted before considering other options. 
It sure would make life easier.  Just think, you don’t have to concern yourself with seniority or N/S days, Bid Sheets, or anything of the sort.  No Siree.  You just come to work, grovel up to your vastly superior supervisor, and beg like a dog.